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"Hi. Will this game work on my PC? I have Windows Vista. Thanks."

Item in question: IBM PC 5.25" ~ World Championship Boxing Manager.

Erm. No. It. Will. Not.  ::)

"hola, estoy interesado en este articulo.

Quisiera saber en que soporte magnetico ván los juegos, en 5,25" 360 kb o 3,1/2" 720 kb
muchas gracias"

We really don't know mate. Do you speak English? You are, after all, on eBay UK.  ::)

This is a question with regards to a Japanese PS1 title.

"Hi there, hopefully your well,

I just wanted to know if Ps1 Prince of tennis you have has option of english subs, pls respond as soon as possible, thanks!

With Regards"

...ten seconds later; he buys it. Without giving me a chance to reply. And then, when I've replied (that I don't know as we've not got the hardware to test it on) he will want to cancel the transaction.  ::)

I am wondering, though, if English subtitles will help. I mean, he obviously needs to learn to write in English before he can read?

The more the merrier. I have another one (just arrived this morning in my email).

"I can't drive if I win item could u meet me or drop of when u next down meggies or I'n town if so I'll bid".

Who's Meggie? I don't know anyone called Meggie? And why would I drop that off there?  :o

The meet up in the pub on the Saturday was not organised by RCM and we did point people in the direction of the nearest places that did food. What goes on outside RCM events is beyond our control.

RCM was not responsible for other peoples systems and if they needed watching for a time you only had to ask and someone would have willingly kept an eye on them.

Unfortunately we were unable to open the kitchen windows and therefore the smell of the food being cooked drifted into the main room. At least we did off vegetarian burgers, so we can't get moaned at for that.

Well spoken.

My Sega Master System Everdrive cart being blatantly stolen (no security in the side rooms). Still in a big state of bewilderment and depression over this, and still feel really low.
Being a veggie, the strong smell of burgers and bacon drifting into the main hall was a bit nauseating at times.
The Pub where the meet up took place having no food.

I find it really sad that your Sega Master system Everdrive cart has gone missing. But I also find it sad that you have to mention it on here. It's hardly RCM's fault? The fault lies in the world of greed and spite.

As a veggie myself, I can understand the difficulty with the smells from burgers and bacon but it would be the same as me complaining that there is too much alcohol in a pub (as I am a non drinker).

I find it also quite sad that you need to complain about there being no food in the pub for the meet-up. That's not RCM's fault either.

GOOD: See you next time  :)

BAD: That we missed it  :'(

It's been great to see all the pictures and videos on Facebook though. Made us realise how much we're missing our friends.

I know that Andy has wanted us to start this thread for a while now, but there aren't enough hours in the day some times. I (Anna) have finally decided to start this thread on here.

The reason behind it is to post silly questions we get from buyers. Nearly on a daily basis.

We will never give out another persons' eBay user ID but we can "poke fun" at their silly questions. That's okay, isn't it?  ;)

As soon as we've got something, we'll post it under this thread.

Here's to a few laughs  :D

« on: April 22, 2010, 10:03:36 AM »
I probably have loads of those parts but I've stopped playing MW's...It was never working properly and I got bored with it in the end  :-[ I much rather play some of the other games on there  ;D

I'll be leaving for Sweden next month and won't be back in the UK until mid to late September but I'm sure Dave'll look after his Attic Bug very well (he's the one started it all ten years ago!). I'll still be about though and am looking forward to seeing you all at the meet on the 16th  :)

Later guys!  :-*

« on: April 15, 2010, 11:00:46 AM »
Yay! It doeas look better and we wouldn't want to take away your hard work (hence the "supporting" bit  :)

Mike, sorry we couldn't make it for your Birthday bash  :( but we'll see you soon anyway  ;D

Cheers guys!  :-*

« on: April 04, 2010, 10:26:29 AM »
Hi guys!

Thank you for all of your kind words; we really do appreciate it  :)

See you on the 16th of May. We'll bring the van  ;D

Anna :-*

« on: April 04, 2010, 10:24:10 AM »
Hi everyone  ;D

The Attic Bug was started by Dave about ten years ago and it all began with a Megadrive... Since then it's grown and grown and grown but when Anna met Dave (four years ago) it wasn't going too well and it was looking like The Attic Bug was set to retire.

Luckily, though, it picked up and we're still here  ;D

Any questions, please feel free to ask!

Anna & Dave

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