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Two famous ex QL’ers who made a difference in the IT world met at LinuxCon in Sao Paolo, Brazil recently. On a spare minute at an excursion to the Sao Paolo zoo they had a chat about their experiences with the Sinclair QL. This has been filmed by Jeremy and the video is on YouTube now. Watch it!
(third video under Favorites)

BTW: End of last year I set up a web page about Linus's QL contribution GMOVE.

Jeremy’s QL best known QL contributions are ARC and PDQC which are still available in many QL PD libraries.

QLvsJAGUAR - Much more than retro! - Always remember: QL forever!

Dear all,

Summer holidays are over now (at least for me). During this summer
I've spent some spare hours going through my video footage. In the
past few days I did prepare many retro computing related videos and
finally uploaded them to YouTube. Some exclusive footage, some rare
pieces of television programs from the 80's, etc.

Following the July upload which was covering mainly the Sinclair QL,
the August upload has a much wider variety of topics. To name just a
few: Clive Sinclair, ZX80, ZX81, maze-solving robots, millionth ZX
Spectrum, Computer architectures, Transputers, VAX 11/750, Inmos,
BASIC interpreter benchmarks, AMIGA, Sinclair ZX Spectrum 128, ATARI
520ST, Acorn BBC Master, DTP, PageMaker, Alison Maguire,
incompatibility of computer systems, RISC (MIPS, ARM), John
Hennessey, Crash in UK computer industry, Prism, Oric, Acorn, Cellular Phones
explained and demonstrated, Sinclair C5 electric car, WordProcessors
tested by dummies, Beeb, ATARI 800XL, Commodore C64, Sinclair QL,
FloppyDisks technology explained, New Sinclair products for christmas
1984, ZX Spectrum+ computer, Sinclair Flat Screen television TV1,
Teletext decoder for ZX Spectrum, 1000000 TIMEX COMPUTERS DEC '83
commemorate, Anita Sinclair, Cambridge Z88, Rick Dickinson, Jim
Westwood, Lake Valley Retro Labs...

Have a view of one or another video:

QLvsJAGUAR - Much more than retro! - Always remember: QL forever!

Hi all,

I've put this rare gem on ebay:

Very rare GST 68K/OS add-on card for the Sinclair QL

Read the story behind this item in the auction details.


Dear all,

it has been a while since aftermath II (April) of the "QL & Mac are 25" show which was held on Oct 31-Nov 1, 2009. The remaining hard job to do was (in fact it still is) the video editing and cutting.

Well, after some other folks uploaded some nice Sinclair QL related videos recently I got motivated to do my job and started editing and cutting of the raw footage I’ve collected at the show last autumn.

My recent "QL & Mac are 25" show uploads are:

"The Animated Head" 3D demo 1988

QTop desktop suite 1989 (pre Windows 3.0) - part 1 of 2

QTop desktop suite 1989 (pre Windows 3.0) - part 2 of 2

QL ELITE 3D demo 1991

URL of the show webpage is:

I also uploaded two videos taken at the 2010 QL meeting in Austria which was on beginning of June.

SMS2 OS (Sinclair QL Qdos successor) on ATARI STE

Sinclair QL KARATE game on a Q40

Anton Preinsack produced this nice video of the Austrian show:

Sinclair QL-Meeting 2010 (Austria)

Don't forget the have another look at Linus Torvalds (the creator of the Linux kernel) GMOVE software blitter for the QL on the QL-is-25 webpage. URL is:

Enjoy the videos and the summer!

QLvsJAGUAR - Much more than retro - Always remember: QL forever!

Welcome Urs! :)
Always good to have international members - great to have you on here!
How did you find us?

I first noticed RCM by the comment made on this page:


Welcome to RCM QLvsJAGUAR :)

The QL is a fine machine, though somewhat flawed by the 68008 processor.

QUANTA - Ql Users ANd Tinkerers Assocation, if I remember correctly?

-- Richard

The 68008 was not that bad and the QL was upgradable to a full blown 68000 or a 68020 CPU with the GoldCard and SuperGoldCard expansion cards.

You remember correctly on QUANTA's full name.

Cheers, Urs

my name is Urs. I’m Swiss and Retro Computing & Gaming is one of my hobbies. I started my computing career back in 1985 with a Sinclair ZX81 followed by a Sinclair QL in early 1986. I’m somehow infected by the QL “virus” as I’m still with this system (in retro terms). In 1995 I’ve bought my ATARI JAGUAR which is my second retro love. I’m an active member of QUANTA (the QL’s User Group) and maintain several websites under the label QLvsJAGUAR.

Happy retro days!
QLvsJAGUAR - Much more than retro - always remember: QL forever!
Picture gallery:

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