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Very nice. Yes please. ;)

GENERAL RETRO CHIT CHAT / Unexpected things that get dropped off QL Brochure & Printer
« Last post by g4ugm on December 19, 2020, 10:56:28 AM »
Well sometimes nice things happen.  A friend dropped off an old LC10 printer very scruffy, missing the paper quide, free to good home if any one wants it, and then produced a Sinclair  QL Brochure with order forms.
(andy, if you would like it I will pop it on the pile "for the museum")
ARCADE / Re: NeoGeo MV1FZ Repair Log
« Last post by CharlesProut on October 27, 2020, 09:01:56 PM »
still AU$20 was a silly asking price i found better deal for testogen here.

$20  :o that's bloody cheap  8)

it turned out to be one of the really small MV1FZ boards ?
RCM ANNOUNCEMENTS / Re: Fundraise for RCM by recyling
« Last post by The Twins on October 12, 2020, 09:12:59 AM »
We are now collection Cheese wrappers.
Anything from blocks of cheese, slices of cheese and individual cheese portions come in (including any netting bags).
DIGITAL PRESERVATION / Re: My magazines (almost all in PDF format)
« Last post by muguk on September 27, 2020, 01:05:48 PM »
Cheers for the heads up, Alex.

I'll have to compare like-for-like when I've got some spare time.
DIGITAL PRESERVATION / Re: My magazines (almost all in PDF format)
« Last post by alexh on September 27, 2020, 07:16:03 AM »
I don't know if this is of any use? The link was posted on EAB this week
Thanks for the reply, Dave. I don't know for certain that it's 1982. I'm deducing that from the name. The 77-68 appeared in 1977 and used a 6800. It sort of follows that the
82-02 would have been published in 1982, and it definitely used a 6802. All I have is a photocopy or print of page 5 (and I can't lay my hands on that right now).

I'm sure it came after the 77-68 and I've looked at page 5 of all the more recent available ACC newsletters without finding it.

Best regards,

John G4EDX
HARDWARE/SYSTEMS DISCUSSION / Re: ACC Newsletters and the 82-02 (retirement project)
« Last post by g4ugm on August 19, 2020, 10:01:57 AM »
Might not be 1982. Might be an 82-pin bus.  Anything else on the page?
Hi All,

Just retired and excavating the spare room, I found one page (photocopy) of an article from the ACC Newsletter about the 82-02, a very simple 6802 machine
from (presumably) 1982. I have the circuit diagram and a bit of the text, but I'd like to have the whole article.

Does the museum have copies of the ACC Newsletter from that era? If so I'm guessing that photocopying isn't permitted and the present Covid situation makes the
originals inaccessible for now. No great hurry, but if anyone can point me in the direction of an archive I'd be grateful.

Best regards,

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