Topic: Interchangable control panels on Mame arcade cabs  (Read 3416 times)

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Interchangable control panels on Mame arcade cabs
« on: April 28, 2009, 08:14:53 PM »
Has anyone got any tried and tested methods of having 'hot swappable' control panels in Mame arcade cabs?

Basically I want a control panel with one joystick/buttons leaving plenty of elbow room for when playing on my own and then, for visiting friends/game nights I want to be able to easily swap control panels for another one that contains two joystick/buttons.

At the moment I have an x1 Ipac interface board and rather than buying another for the 2nd control panel I had an idea of using Cat5e network cable plus a spare 1u network patch panel I decommisioned from our server room as work.

The idea being, you hardwire the controls with Cat5e and terminate the ends with Rj45 connector. You do this for both control panel. You then hardwire the patch panel to the single Ipac. To swap control panels, you unplug one control panel from the patch panel, swap over control panels and plug in control panel no.2. I guess the key is to ensure the wiring is consistant for each control panel i.e Joystick one on Control panel no.1 is wired the same as on control panel no. 2 when plugged into the patch panel.

Does this make sense??