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Wanted Total! Magazine
« on: June 07, 2011, 04:43:19 PM »
I'm trying to lay my hands on as many issues as possible of the Nintendo magazine Total! from the early 90's. Basically its for my site and the plan is to scan the lot for folk to view, problem is its so rare and there's no decent sets of it available anywhere on the net.

I'm quite happy to buy issues off folk but if someone has a collection and doesn't wish to sell them then would you happen to consider borrowing them out? At least that way I could make full scans of every issue and take it from there. I'll quite happily pay for P+P both ways and be extra careful not to damage the mags in anyway!

I think (well hope!) that I'm pretty well known in the retro community, as well as running NES-Bit I'm a regular on the Retro Gamer forums and back in 2007 I organised a retro event called Retro North.  So I'm not just some mad man after running away with mags  ;D
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