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Free: enormous colour laser printer
« on: July 07, 2011, 01:49:30 PM »
I have (and want rid of) a huge HP Colour LaserJet 4500N. You should note the following facts:

1) It is (guesstimate) 2.5ft wide, by 1.5" high by 2 ft deep. It is huge and needs a wide area to sit.
2) It weighs a metric fsckton. It generally takes two people to lift it.
3) It has colour toner contamination like nobody's business. If you want to use it you'll have to strip the thing down and clear out all the toner.
4) The imaging drum cartridge is on its way out, and has a damaged cover. It will need to be replaced.

It comes with the parallel port card and suitable connecting cable, but I do not have the network card module for it. The three toner cartridges are reasonably full, however I don't know if they are also contaminated (see above).

Due to size and weight if you want it you have 3 options:

1) Come and get the thing.
2) If you live nearby (Portsmouth) I might deliver it to you (ask me first).
3) You pay for a suitable cardboard box and pay for a courier to ship it - note that this will cost you the Klopman Diamond to pay for.

Otherwise, its free to whoever wants it and has the time to service it. Mechnically and electronically its all sound aside from the damaged imaging drum and the toner contamination.

-- Richard
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Re: Free: enormous colour laser printer
« Reply #1 on: July 07, 2011, 04:04:23 PM »
And if you do decide to have this, and need to clean it up (or indeed any laster printer or photocopier that uses similar toner), one very important piece of advice.

Don't use a normal household vaccum cleaner, toner is generally conductive and will go straight through the bag and into the motor BANG!

We actually had this happen at the place I work at, though not by me, which is why we now have a special toner vac.