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Huge Sinclair repository on DVD out now!
« on: September 15, 2011, 06:31:22 PM »
This summer I volunteered to work on a Sinclair related retro computing DVD which is out now. The DVD holds searchable PDFs of all issues (15 years, 1996-2011) of QL Today magazine, plus as Bonus Material seven software, documentation and picture collections which were previously only available on CD-ROMs or on web picture galleries. Plus there’s a copy (mirror) of the biggest QL related website. All in all gigabytes of information for you to discover.
Even though the Sinclair QL is the main topic, both the QL Today magazine and the Bonus Material cover other Sinclair (ZX) and Retro Computing aspects as well. Articles by Rick Dickinson (Sinclair Research Ltd. Industrial Designer January 1980 - April 1987), Tony Tebby (Sinclair Research Ltd. System Software Designer 1982-1984, author of Qdos), Simon N Goodwin (remember his many articles in the 80s computer magazines and software like the ZIP-compiler for the ZX Spectrum) are just a few hot-spots to name here.
The DVD is only available together with a one year subscription of the current volume (4 issues) of the QL Today magazine. The QL Today DVD 2011 and the first issue of volume 16 are ready to ship now ( For more information and subscription information please visit the magazine’s website ( There’s a sample issue available as PDF for you to download and try.

Cheers, Urs
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