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Website updates
« on: April 15, 2012, 08:45:13 PM »

At around 9pm BST we're going to be uploading some changes to the RCM website. They're not a huge amount of changes, so we'll be doing them "in place" without putting the site into maintenance mode.

So that you're not lost afterwards, the changes are part of a move to separate the RCM website into two parts: a customer-facing site with a simpler layout that will provide information on who we are, what we do and what services we can offer. This will be for the casual visitor who doesn't need all the technical information and the immediate in-your-face retro nostalgia :)

The other half will be the traditional "members" area that you're all familiar with. This will have the forums, wiki, blog, systems pages, etc with the current layout. You can access this from the front pages via the "Forums" link on the right-hand end of the link bar.

We've made a few minor changes to the members area to try and tidy things up a little. The left-hand bar links have now all moved to the top link bar, with the exception of the calendar and messages buttons which are two smaller buttons at the top of the left bar. The top link bar has been widened to accommodate this.

The forum info has been moved to the side bar under the shoutbox.

The music player now pops out as a separate window so that playing isn't lost when navigating to a different page.

The shoutbox now has a swear filter built in to curb any outbursts ;)

All of this is part of a bigger over-time move to improve the website for everyone. We will be adding an online shop (as time and resources allow) for RCM merchandise, and possibly a full-blown classifieds section to replace the current FOR SALE & WANTED forum, should time allow.

Do report any issues you spot to an RCM administrator.


-- Richard
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