Topic: Sinclair ZX81 PSION SPACE RAIDERS 1982 30th anniversary  (Read 1807 times)

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Sinclair ZX81 PSION SPACE RAIDERS 1982 30th anniversary
« on: April 16, 2012, 08:02:06 AM »
For more than 20 years my ZX81 stuff was stored at different places in my parents attic. Back in 2009 I’ve collected all what I could find. What I was missing was my Memotech 64K RAM pack and my Tape-Recorder. I’ve found the empty boxes of them but not the units. My parents had no clue about the missing parts... :-(

Earlier this year my father asked me "Son, is this your missing tape-recorder?" Gotcha!

I've had some days off over Easter 2012. As the weather was not favouring any other outdoor activities than "Singing in the rain" I took the chance and was rebuilding my ZX81 system including my (newly found) tape-recorder for the first time since around 1986. It was quite a task, as out of my four ZX81’s and five 16K RAM packs only one each remain in working condition. And the tape-recorders head needed a cleaning job first. Finally I gave a 30 years old tape a go and was fascinated of the ZX81 again. What followed was a quick grab for my camera and recording the event to leave a legacy. Enjoy watching gaming history!

Cheers, Urs
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