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The Sinclair Microdrive Nightmare
« on: June 30, 2012, 09:40:14 AM »
Hi folks,

following the “Sinclair ZX Spectrum - 30th Birthday Anniversary 2012 - The Movie” and the series of “Sinclair ZX Spectrum 1983 System Test ROM Cartridge” videos I had this intention to produce more videos in that line. Next topic would be the “Sinclair ZX Spectrum 1983 Microdrives in use”. I had the plot ready, setup of the scene completed and up we go. Everything looked so nice and started in peace. But then...

The Microdrive, the ill-fated “mass” storage system invented in 1982/1983 by Sinclair Research Ltd for use with their Sinclair ZX Spectrum and QL and the ICL’s OPD personal computers, gave me a nightmare.  :-[

See it here: "The Sinclair Microdrive Nightmare - part 1"

Enjoy the summer weekend!

Cheers, Urs
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