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unknown boards
« on: May 12, 2013, 07:48:08 PM »

I have some, mostly bootleg boards. Please, help me to idetify. I know some of them, but I need help to repair them. If you recognise any of them and you can help me with original picture, where all of components on the correct place and you can send me the contains of epromms please, inform me.

The first one is maybe the Street Fighter II, but it is not sure.

This one is maybe the cadilacs &Dinosaurs

Maybe Miss World 2002

I don't have any idea

This is the Pang


So if you have idea, or you have the sam e board or any information where can I found informations about this board and can find the Eprom contain it would be nice.
As you can see some of the components are missing it is the reason why I need close pictures about the boards.
I tried to find eproms for boards but is difficult because thise are bootlegs. I have found eproms only for Pang.
I tried to read Eproms from other boards, I havn't found any of them in romident.

Thank you for Your help!