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3.5" disk storage
« on: February 04, 2014, 12:41:27 PM »
I found a standard box (a la 'Really Useful' brand) that is perfect for loose 3.5" disks.

Admittedly I did take some 3.5" loose disks with me to the trader so I could double-check that they would fit OK. I'd fallen for it before as I'd got 2 similar boxes from Staples a few years ago which looked as if they would work... so long as you didn't want the lid to fit :(

The size / volume required are their 11 Litre boxes.  You can get 3 columns worth of loose 3.5" disks in these.  I'll need to sort out some kind of cardboard for the column separators but I should easily be able to fit 150+ disks in each box.

Hobbycraft has them @ £7 per box (with free delivery if you order over £30 and 15% off your first order).   I'll stick with this market trader I've found in Oldham as I'm up there quite often and he can get the boxes in multiple colours - whereas Hobbycraft only seem to have transparent white boxes.

I've also found that the smaller 2 litre boxes are perfect for loose 3" disks too .. but I've luckily not got as many of those as I have 3.5" disks :)  Picture below of it full to the brim (near enough) with all my Amstrad disks.

*Edit* I've just spent 20 minutes or so transferring the 3.5" original disks into the box.  Photos attached of the start of the process and by the time I'd finished.  The other box which the disks lived in prior to this can now breathe as it's only for loose originals with their manuals.
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