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Retro Gaming Event at RCM HQ - 21st April
« on: March 21, 2018, 10:30:50 PM »
On Saturday the 21st April at the RCM HQ in Leicester
A day of gaming . . . with friends . . . with drinks . . . with food!
Doors open: 10.30 and close around 10.30pm
Food served all day - Bar open at 2.00pm
Tickets only £10
(available now from our home page)

Food / Bar / Gaming / Friends / DJ / Videos

 1- Karl Pantling-James
 2- Darren Coles
 3- Traci Law
 4- Sunny Hollis
 5- Andy Spencer
 6- Simon Marston
 7- Charis Smith
 8- A.N.Other (Charis Smith)
 9- Adam Davies
10-David Mottram
11-A.N.Other (David Mottram)
12-A.N.Other (David Mottram)
13-A.N.Other (David Mottram)
14-A.N.Other (David Mottram)
23-Michael Collins
24-Rebecca Gellman
25-Gaz Audley
26-Del Glover
27-Wayne Bradshaw
28-Lee Hearne
29-Duncan Woodward
30-Figen Gungor
31-Marcus Catanzaro
32-Mat Woodcock
33-Rebecca Spencer
34-Sharon Spencer
35-Cameron Bill
36-Kaitlin Spencer
37-Linda Spencer
38-Jim Bagley
39-Sophie Fretter
40-Dean Payne
41-Ross Turville
42-Paul Davies
43-A.N.Other (Paul Davies)
44-Benjamin Hearne
45-Andy Rea
46-Tabatha Spencer
47-Gareth Turland
48-A.N.Other (Gareth Turland)
49-A.N.Other (Gareth Turland)
50-Dave East
51-John O'Neill
52-Jack O'Neill
53-Robbie O'Neill
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