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Now I'm here...
« on: April 02, 2019, 07:20:18 PM »
Hello everybody,

as a collector of English 8-Bit computers it's some kind of an issue if something goes wrong here where I live...

Being a child of the 80th the first impression and the first contact to a real computer was fiddling around with the ZX81. My first own computer was a 48k Spectrum. I'm not sure when I got it. It was Christmas 82 or Christmas 83. Even though I'm really keen to find out, I'm not sure exactly when it was.

(Having burried so many years in my bedroom with the Speccie, it isn't that easy to find out when exactly what has happened... ;-> )

I have registered here as I have a mayor issue on an Acorn Electron. Somebody posted the exact same problem here in the forum so I responded to get some more info. Even though this has been posted some time ago I hope that somebody can help me.

THNX 4 your support and have a lot of fun...

der Eratosthenes
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ZX80/ZX81: 1k ought to be enough... (... at least for a computer with shared memory graphics)!